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Chuck Hawley


Lifelong sailor and powerboater. Most of my experience has been sailing on the West Coast and to Hawaii, although Susan and I have chartered in Mexico, the Virgin Islands, France and Croatia. While I sailed extensively singlehanded as a young adult, I now sail with my wife Susan and a variety of children and friends. In 2012, we bought Surprise, a lovely Alerion Express 38 Yawl, which we share with some great partners in Santa Cruz. In 2018, with some regret, we sold Surprise.My working life was spent at West Marine, where I was employed from 1978 to 2013. Great education, and a great employer for 35 years. My interests generally centered around product performance and explanations, including safety gear, anchors, electronics, foul weather gear, and dinghies.I served as the Chairman of the US Sailing Safety at Sea Committee from 2013 to 2018. During that time, we introduced an online Safety at Sea course, which the CCA generously helped with a substantial donation, and also co-wrote the Safety at Sea Handbook which accompanies the courses held around the country.