Nathaniel Benjamin

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Nat Benjamin


In 1972, Nat and his family sailed into Vineyard Haven Harbor on a 1921 Johan Anker 10 meter class sloop. In 1980, together with Ross Gannon, another craftsman hooked on boats and sailing, Nat founded the Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway boatyard, specializing in the design. construction and repair of wooden boats.

Since its founding, Gannon & Benjamin has built and restored numerous boats, nurtured many budding craftsmen, and taken a lot of people sailing. Nat and Ross have built over 70 substantial vessels, mostly to designs by Nat. The partners take pride in building boats that are known for their seaworthiness, practicality, speed, elegant simplicity, and for their meticulous craftsmanship, and use of the highest quality materials. 

Nat and his wife Pam sail their 50’ schooner “Charlotte” out of Vineyard Haven, and enjoy voyaging to far away places.

 “I try to combine the basic ingredients for safety, speed, and comfort with a strong emphasis on good looks.  I’m not concerned with any rating system. I prefer to see men, women and children sailing with a smile.  I feel it is very important to keep an eye on current trends, but not to be influenced by the glitter, only the grace.” — Nat Benjamin