Helicopter Rescue

Download USCG Helicopter Rescue Pamphlet

As part of The Cruising Club of America's mission to promote seamanship and safety at sea, a group of members, supported by funds from Bonnell Cove Foundation, collaborated with the U.S. Coast Guard to produce this Helicopter Rescue Guide.

The purpose of the helicopter rescue video is to increase boat crew awareness of the hazards and difficulties associated with working in close proximity to helicopters.

The 16 minute video describes USCG helicopter rescue equipment, the different types of hoists, boat & crew preparation, the do's and don'ts of safety, and rescuing the rescuers in the event of a helicopter crash.

We hope you never have to use the information but, if you do, knowing the right way makes everyone safer.

Copies of the video plus an informative USCG pamphlet, "Guide to Helicopter Assistance and Evacuation at Sea," have been distributed to all the Moderators of US SAILING Safety at Sea Seminars for use when a USCG unit cannot make a presentation. Additionally, all yachts that race in the Newport Bermuda Race receive a copy of the USCG pamphlet.

In a perfect world, all vessels that venture off shore and along the coast should have a copy of the pamphlet aboard and have their crews see this video, if they are unable to witness an actual helicopter rescue demonstration.

The Bonnell Cove Foundation has several loaner copies of the video for use in organized club training sessions.

To view the pamphlet online as a PDF file, click here.

For more information, including copies of the USCG pamphlet, send an E-mail to Ron Trossbach. The Bonnell Cove Foundation is a non-profit organization which funds safety at sea and environmental awareness projects.


March 23, 2012